Newbillion Precision Metal supplies precision components and high-value medical manufacturing solutions to the world’s leading healthcare companies.

Through our expertise in high-pressure die casting, CNC turning & milling, and sub-assembly, we can deliver high-quality medical components with high accuracy to meet your stringent quality requirements.

Some of the precision medical components manufactured include Lead Screws, Stethoscope Chest Pieces & Diaphragms, Orthopaedic Implant Components, and other complex precision components.


Precision product application include:

  • Lead Screws

  • Stethoscope Chest Piece & Diaphragm

  • Orthopaedic Implant Components

  • and other precision components

Our Core Capabilities

Shorten your product’s time to market with our state-of-the-art equipments, our resourcefulness and our extensive technical know-how.

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Realise your products with competitive costs and the shortest lead time possible.

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