We have been playing a key role in supporting leading industrials with precision manufacturing and sub-assembly solutions.

Our flexible production systems allow industrial enterprises of all sizes to leverage our integrated capabilities; from prototyping, low volume manufacturing, to mass production.

Some of the precision components manufactured include Security Camera Enclosures, Furniture Components, Gas Regulator Components, and other housings.


Precision product application include:

  • Housings

  • Security Camera Enclosures

  • Furniture Components

  • Gas Regulator Components

  • and other precision components

Our Core Capabilities

Shorten your product’s time to market with our state-of-the-art equipments, our resourcefulness and our extensive technical know-how.

Other Engineering Solutions Tailored to Industries We Serve

Many global companies trust Newbillion Precision Metal as a precision engineering partner to manufacture and sub-assemble high-quality precision components for their complex supply chain environment.

Niche Components or Mass Production?

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Navigate the complex supply chain environment with our flexible manufacturing systems for your mission-critical precision parts.