Global companies from a variety of market sectors trust Newbillion Precision Metal as a partner to manufacture and to sub-assembly high-quality precision components for their global supply chain.

We understand the integral role we play. That is why we continuously strive to be innovative and remain flexible in our approach.

Medical Solutions

Newbillion Precision Metal supplies precision components and high-value medical manufacturing solutions to the world’s leading healthcare companies.

Through our expertise in high-pressure die casting, CNC turning & milling, and sub-assembly, we can deliver high-quality medical components with high accuracy to meet your stringent quality requirements.

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Automotive Solutions

Being an IAFT 16949 certified company, we are capable of providing precision components and customised solutions to Tier 2 automotive companies worldwide.

Our capabilities in precision CNC machining and manufacturing of engineering grade plastics, coupled with sub-assembly allows us to provide cost-competitive precision automotive components to our customers.

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Electrical & Electronics Solutions

Newbillion Precision Metal manufactures and sub-assembles precision components for the global supply chain of multinational companies in the Electrical & Electronics industry.

Our know-how in high-pressure aluminium and zinc die casting enables us to produce thin-wall enclosures and housings with tight tolerance.

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Industrial Solutions

We have been playing a key role in supporting leading industrials with precision manufacturing and sub-assembly solutions.

Our flexible production systems allow industrial enterprises of all sizes to leverage our integrated capabilities; from prototyping, low volume manufacturing, to mass production.

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