Newbillion Precision Metal is poised to be the perfect partner for manufacturing and supplying precision components to the Automotive and Medical market sectors.

Our ability to manufacture engineering grade plastics as part of our core capabilities enables you to take advantage of our fully integrated solutions for your precision components needs.

Key Offerings

  • Machine tonnage of 120 Ton to 160 Ton capable of producing engineering grade plastic components

  • Capable of moulding PBT with 30% Glass Fill, POM, ABS and other engineering-grade plastics

  • Capable of performing complex and comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services for precision plastic parts

  • Fully integrated solution with our core capabilities – High Pressure Die Casting, Precision CNC Machining, and Sub-Assembly

Product Examples

  • EV Battery Charger Components

  • Housings & Covers

  • And other external and internal precision parts

Supporting Services

As a one-stop engineering solutions provider, we are capable of providing related services below for a seamless manufacturing and sub-assembly experience.

Niche Components or Mass Production?

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Navigate the complex supply chain environment with our flexible manufacturing systems for your mission-critical precision parts.