Newbillion’s expertise and precision in High-Pressure Aluminium Die Casting reduce the need for machining.

Together with mould design optimisation, we can shorten the cycle time and offer you a cost-effective solution.

This ensures you benefit from higher productivity and lower cost of ownership per part.

Key Offerings

  • High-Pressure Aluminium Die Casting from 250 Ton to 840 Ton*
  • CNC Machining & Turning capabilities for low-volume manufacturing and to ensure tighter tolerance for your die-casted precision components
  • Secondary processes such as Surface Finishings, Deburring, Tumbling, Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting, and Powder Coating
  • Capable of precision component’s sub-assembly – foam attachment, pin insertion, and gasket dispensing

* Investment for 840T machines is scheduled in our growth roadmap to allow us to expand our capabilities to support production requirements for the market sectors we serve.

Product Examples

  • Satellite Base Enclosures

  • Housings, and more

Supporting Services

As a one-stop engineering solutions provider, we are capable of providing related services below for a seamless manufacturing and sub-assembly experience.

Niche Components or Mass Production?

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